5 Easy Ways to Market your Startup

December 14, 2018
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December 14, 2018 omnipotent

The World is Changing

How to get noticed in the already saturated sea that is the internet?

How to get people talking about your business?

How to stand out between your competitors?

Content is fire, social media is gasoline.”

– Jay Baer

As a startup, you probably don’t have the budget you’d like to dedicate to marketing or hiring professionals to deal with it. This blog is here to give you a jumpstart on marketing 101. There are a lot of tips and tricks, affordable tools and inexpensive schemes to get your startup to start buzzing.


The following ideas are simple and effortless and while you won’t see the accolades immediately it won’t burn through resources that you can allocate more efficiently.

1.Search Engines Optimization

It’s the simplest but most crucial advice. The best way to market to an audience, especially one online, is to get found organically. You want to be found at the top of Google when people google your business or your products. This can be easily done by paying attention to relevant keywords, site speed, mobile friendliness, titles and descriptions, content quality.

2.Google Ads

It’s no secret that Google is the biggest player in the market so why not make use of it? Invest in Google ads and get your business a top of the search results.


3.Social Media Ads

Building a following takes time but, there are things you can do to speed this up and be able to reach your targeted demographic. Knowing your ideal customer and what they’re interested in and general information such as age group, location etc.. allows you to be able to experiment campaigns and ads to get your business out there.

4.Influencer Marketing

Reaching out to popular accounts in your industry or for your targeted audience is a proven effective way to market your startup and get the word out there. Collaborations are the most popular form of endorsement and it will help build your business’s reputation.


Yet, another crucial move especially if your customers are locally based. Use the local listing tool do the work for you. It’s a simple process of submitting your details. In addition to this, you’re also keeping track of how you’re perceived and deal with any issues that may arise.

While these are simple, quick and effortless tactics to use it may take longer to get the numbers you were hoping to have. Have patience and keep drilling.

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